10 Best Free Extension for amazon sellers in India

1.Keepa – Amazon price tracker

Consider Keepa the king of historical sales data on Amazon. Keepa runs continuously in the background, and scrapes valuable sales rank and pricing data from millions and millions of Amazon listings. Keepa is among the most well-known and trusted Chrome extension for Amazon sellers due to its abundance of data, ease of use, and no cost.

2.Magic Pack

This extension helps you to prevent packaging mistakes, fraud detection and daily send packing reports on your mail. As indian amazon sellers,you already lost lots of money due to fraud Buyers. Now,this extension will save your hard-earned money. You easily know which packager packed this order and when. Easy to find order’s packing time so that you will take further action . You have proof - you shipped correct products and correct quantity.
Download Magic Pack from the chrome web store

3.Magic autoship

This extension for self-ship order booking. It works only when your amazon orders sync with shiprocket. Just one click, then this extension do all works - book all selected orders, assign couriers,pickup request raise, label download and 4 in1 order packing slip. Save your 75% paper cost and completely nill your shipping efforts.
Download Magic autoship from the chrome web store

4.Magic copy ship

This extension is also for self-ship order booking but works with all courier providers like India Post, DTDC, trackon,Delhivery,FEDEX, shiprocket, NimbusPost. You can book one - one order with this extension. It generates 4 orders in 1 shipping label and orders packing slips. It also adds a courier logo so that you never face a problem - order pickup by wrong courier.
Save your 75% paper cost.
It automates your per-order booking process but also gives you full control over each order.
Download Magic copyshipfrom the chrome web store

5.Magic HSN Finder

This extension helps you to find HSN Code with GST Rate And Also auto copy-paste it. You already know that HSN is mandatory by indian government now. You can easily find HSN data by google search and visit specific sites then manually copy and paste HSN Code Data. Avg time spend :1min - 3 min.
But, Using this extension, u can find it & auto copy-paste from product listing page by just selecting item name within 1 sec. No need to visit any new sites.
DownloadMagic HSN finder  from official chrome web store.

6.Magic GSTR1

After selling Goods,now we need to pay taxes to government. This extension autofill your GSTR1 return. First download tax reports from amazon dashboard and upload it to this extension and then see magic. It is same as you filled but fully automated.

Don’t need to worry about formats. It supports multiple formats. Suppose you upload april and may months sale reports and select “May” month on gst website. This extension filter data for “May” month only.
This extension never asks for your secret GST username and password.
Download Magic GSTR1 from official chrome web store.

7.Amazon Keyword Tool by SellerApp

Get the best keywords to increase product discoverability. Discover profitable keywords to attract more potential buyers. Get keyword suggestions which are highly relevant to your listing that could bring you great sales!
This Amazon Chrome Extension generates hundreds of relevant keyword suggestions with just one click.
All you need to do is insert the keyword as well as the marketplace (i.e. amazon.com) that you want to get keyword suggestions from and click enter.

Pro Tip: For even better results, wait for a couple of minutes so that the Amazon Keyword Tool generates even more keyword suggestions.

8.Amazon KW Index and Rank Tracker

Keyword ranking tools are always in demand from Amazon sellers. This Amazon KW Index and Rank Checker tool is perfect for establishing keyword rankings and gaining access to monthly search volume. You can also find the best keywords based on filters like Relevancy, Search Volume, and Ranking.

9.Unicorn Smasher

This free browser extension was built by Amztracker to enhance real-time product research on the Amazon marketplace. Unicorn Smasher provides users with realtime revenue data and sales estimates. This information is available in real-time for thousands of popular Amazon products that are currently listed on the market.
Some of the data you can get access to with Unicorn Smasher includes:

AMZ Suggestion Expander

This Chrome extension expands the number of search suggestions that are shown in the Amazon search bar by showing the keywords that Amazon would suggest before and after the keywords you have entered. This makes searching for new product niches easy!