5 Best free chrome extension software for GST

  1. Magic GSTR1
  2. Just upload any sale reports and then this extension fill GSTR1 directly from govt official site. U don’t need to prepare data or manual typing. You don’t need to share your GST secret username and password. It is same as you file GSTR1 return from GST official site but fully automated.
    Download Magic GSTR1 from official chrome web store.

  3. Magic Hsn Finder
  4. This extension help you to find HSN code within 1 sec and auto copy & paste. Just select item name and then right click & search HSN. It auto copy HSN & rate. No need to open any website. Downlod Magic HSN finder  from official chrome web store.

  5. Magic GST Invoice
  6. Create GST Invoice within 3 sec without typing. Yes,this is true. Just select customer GSTIN, it fills shipping address and billing address automatically. You can also enter address by selecting whole address.

    Then just drag image, it fetches item name,Hsn & GST Rate. You can also enter name,price and qty by just selecting text.

    Created Invoice download,print,send mail directly from your gmail and whatsapp also. Invoice reports also download in csv format for GSTR1 file.
    Download Magic GST Invoice from official chrome web store.

  7. Magic itemList
  8. This extension help you to make own item list without typing and help in invoice creation. Visit product details page of amazon, flipkart or india mart and press right click & add this product button.
    Product automatically save in your item list with HSN rate with other details. Best use- add any item in Magic Invoice by one click. Download Magic itemlist  from official chrome web store.

  9. Magic Purchase *** (coming soon)
  10. It is under development. If any want to give any suggestion or feedback, pls drop mail on newmagic22@gmail.com