How to deal with fraud online buyers in india

In this part, we find solutions about wrong products and wrong quantity fake complaints.

All ecommerce platforms give favour to their buyers. They must have a buyer protection policy but they don’t have any serious seller’s protection policy. Whenever seller complaints, seller support asks for evidence but most sellers don’t have.
Let’s talk about packaging evidence.

CCTV proof

This is the first solution that all seller’s tried but failed. Why failed:

Taking picture of each order

This is a solid solution that really works. You save a lot of money by
using this technique. But it has also some cons:

Solve this problem with the right technology

Both free and paid software are available in the market.
U need to create SKU/ASIN barcode and paste it on every product.
Here are some software:

1. Magic Pack Chrome extension (free)
This extension works over your seller panel. No need to open a new website or download apps. This extension is specifically designed to solve all above problems. How it works. Automatic fetch unshipped order list after visit unshipped order page.

Packager need to scan correct item barcode. If wrong item scanned or incomplete quantity scanned, error alert msg show and force packager to correct their mistake.
If packager failed to correct their mistake, next order not show.
It prevent packager from making any mistakes and you have evidence and full confidence that nothing wrong or mistake happens from your side. Buyer must be a liar.
If some orders don’t pack due to some reasons,software easily notify you with the correct reason.

After finished packaging, this extension mail you with all packed and abandoned orders with packager details.

Download Magic Pack chrome extension from chrome web store. it ‘s totally free and no setting required. Just install and start using.

Currently,this extension works with amazon only, other platforms support available soon. Drop your mail to

GroovePacker(100$ per month)
U need to integrate your seller account with groovepacker. GroovePacker prevents shipping / packing errors by prompting fulfillment staff to scan & verify each order item as it's packed.

Inventory is automatically updated as each order is packed giving you real-time visibility of your physical inventory.
If you have already scanned an order, it will tell you that it has already been scanned and you can not proceed with shipping anything.
If you grab the wrong product for an order and try to scan it in, a buzzer will sound to let you know you are trying to enter in a wrong product, and it will not proceed from there.

Ordoro(59$ per month)
Installation and feature same as same as groovePacker