Make GST invoice in 3 sec from anywhere


    Valid GSTIN number


  1. Make GST invoice online at rocket speed
  2. Anytime download invoice list reports for filling GSTR1


  1. Create professional GST invoices within 3 sec.
  2. No need to type anything. Just Select text.
  3. Auto fill GSTIN Details.
  4. Auto fetch HSN,GST rate.
  5. Add brand logo and signature.
  6. Create invoices from anywhere,anytime.
  7. Share invoices directly from your gmail.
  8. No need to manage items. Add items from anywhere.
  9. Just drag any Image, we fetch item name,rate and HSN
  10. Work with magic itemList chrome extension

How to use

Step by step Guide:

  1. Download
  2. One Time: Download Magic GST Invoice from the chrome web store and
    pin it on the right side of your browser.

  3. Invoice settings
  4. Fill your GSTIN, add logo and signature and set default settings.
    Now, ready to create any GST invoice.

    Magic logo
  5. create Invoice from any page
    1. Fill buyer Details
      1. (one Way-GSTIN)
      2. Select buyer GSTIN number and press right click. Click on GSTIN for “selected GSTIN”.
        Buyer billing address and shipping address and place of supply auto filled.

        Magic logo
      3. (second Way- address)
      4. Select buyer full address. We separate all things and autofill everything.

        Magic logo
    2. Add items
      1. (one Way - item details)
      2. Select item price, item qty and(at last) select name. We automatically add HSN,Rate. 

        Magic logo
      3. (second Way - image Drag)
      4. Just little drag any Image,we fetch item name,HSNand rate

      5. (third way - work with magic itemList)
      6. Press alt key on keyboard. Magic ItemList page open.
        Select any item rows. We fetch and fill all details

    ** magic itemList must be downloaded. If not,pls download Magic ItemList first from chrome web store.

  6. Editing 
  7. Everything is editable. you can edit anything,simply start editing.

  8. Share Invoice options
    1. Print invoice
    2. Download
    3. Send by Gmail
    4. We auto open gmail ,add attachment and fill message body and subject
    5. Share on whatsapp
    6. Coming soon