Guide to How to choose best GST Invoice System

There are more than 100 GST Invoices software in India. All claim,they are #1 Invoice software,but all have their own pros and cons. We will help you in find out - “what is deciding factor to choose any GST invoice System”. Guess what is your top-most deciding factor??

We are only talking about only one feature- invoice system and not other features of ERP software. Govt checks only Invoice and it is mandatory for any business. Other things are add-on features.

We will guide you to choose best GST Invoice software that removes manual work and also fits your business needs.

Most of us choose - pricing. But this is not a great deciding factor. Let’s check each factor.

  1. Pricing
  2. There is lots of free GST available in markets.
    U can't decide based on pricing.

  3. Designing and different layout templates
  4. It is your personal choice. We cannot talk about them.

  5. GSTR1 ready
  6. This is a very important factor. You really need to consider this. Pls check - is it automatic upload invoices to GST official site? Pls download GSTR1 reports first then check headers. Is its contains all details that are required when you fill GSTR1 by self(manual typing or magic GSTR1 free tool) or using any GSP.
    Example - some invoice software GSTR1 reports have only “Rate”. GST official site asks you to fill Centre Tax, Integrated Tax & State Tax. How will you fill it??

  7. Payment
  8. If your invoice is post-paid. Then you should provide a hassle-free payment method to clear Due, otherwise they play with you. software must have Automate Payment Reminders feature.

  9. Speed
  10. Yes, “SPEED” must be your top priority. Pls understand, you are here to do business not just creating invoices. If you spend lots of time on creating invoices then who runs your business? One free software “Magic Invoice” creates a GST invoice within 3 sec.

    Yes,it is true. Just select GSTIN text, buyer details fill automatically. Drag product images, all product details fill automatically. Download as pdf and ctrl +v to paste Invoice Image anywhere. It saves lots of time so that you will be focused on core business work.

List of Top 5 Free Invoicing Software Available in India

  1. Zoho Invoice
  2. Vyapar(mobile app only free)
  3. Magic GST Invoice Chrome extension
  4. Hitech BillSoft
    • Limit: 50invoice/month
    • Payment Gateways : not available
    • Automate Payment Reminders : No
    • Autofill feature: not available
    • available on:desktop app
    • Hitech BillSoft branding logo : yes
  5. gogstbill