Set brand Logo Anywhere in one second


  1. Add logo on any invoice, receipt and slips web Page
  2. Automatic add logo once page load.
  3. Also, upload logo on upload option.


  1. Automate your work and Save your time.
  2. Don’t need to save in your Device.
  3. Increase Brand Awareness.
  4. Help in Brand Promotion.

How to Use

  1. Download
  2. Download Magic LOGO extension from chrome web store and
    pin this extension on right corner of browser

  3. Upload New Logo
  4. One Time: click on “magic logo” Icon on right corner of browser and
    Upload your company or brand Logo and press “Upload”.

    Magic logo
    Setting Completed and ready to Use.

    There are two different way to use:

    1. Add Logo: Click on “add on this Page” Button and then choose
    2. Magic logo

      Location where u want to add logo and Press left key. Popup Box appear and
      click on box. Now, LOGO Set.
      Magic logo
      If u want to add logo here always, just click on yes Button.
      Logo set always there whenever u visit this page again. Magic logo

    3. Upload Logo: choose Upload logo from dropdown select and
      Click on “add on this Page” Button.
      Logo upload automatic on that website.

Usage Example

  1. u want to add logo on your invoice and then print out.
  2. Tried from upload logo manually everytime.
  3. Logo delete or not available in your computer.
  4. Just want to automate logo Adding work.

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