Verify Your packing,Fraud detection and Reporting


  1. This extension is developed for amazon sellers.
    Valid amazon seller account needed.
    Other platforms are soon available.
  2. Items must have SKU barcode.


  1. Prevent shipping error.
  2. Scan items and ship only correct item.
  3. verify item quantity and ship only correct qty.
  4. Daily packing reports.
  5. To detect fraud.


  1. All packing reports on your email.
  2. Fraud Detection. Who lied.
  3. Prevent packing & shipping cost loss.
  4. Prevent from incorrect item ship.
  5. Packagers pack all orders without touching mouse.

How to Use

Step By Step Guide


One Time: Download Magic Pack from the chrome web store and
pin it on the right side of your browser

2. Start Packing

Go to unshipped orders and click on Start Packing   button.

Magic logo

3. Start Scanning

Scan ordered item. If qty matched,quantity matched showed. Magic logo
Otherwise,you need to scan more Item. Magic logo
Input Field with next Order button shows on top of page.Magic logo
Just scan another orderid. Scanned order page opens automatically. 

4. After completed Packing

If Packing Completed, scroll to page down. At bottom
Packing   Complete Button show.
Click on it and we email all packing reports.